Membership Roster Disclaimer

a. Introduction

i. Note that this Membership Roster simply lists association members' information, and the association does not in any way constitute a licensing/ registration/ certification body, or provide testimonials or recommendations about members.

ii. Association members are eligible to join based on the information that they provide us, and we do not verify this information, e.g., about their education, training, experience, and credentials.

iii. Association members have voluntarily applied for membership, stating that they have fulfilled certain criteria required for the awarding of such status.

iv. The association does not in any way, implicitly or explicitly, determine, guarantee, or warranty the professional standing, competence, services, or actions of any of its members.

v. Membership in the association is not in any way intended to be, nor should it be construed as being, a substitute for any professional legal requirements for practicing in any field of practice in psychology, mental health, law, or a related discipline that may exist within a state, province, country, or any other jurisdiction.

vi. Members remain at all times completely and solely responsible for their actions and for all professional services that they provide.

vii. The association assumes no responsibility or liability for any of the professional services provided by members or for any of their other actions or behaviors.

b. The user

i. In consulting this membership roster, the user needs to understand what it does and its limits. It is understood that individuals who consult the association’s membership roster, or any information about any member found in the association’s information sources, such as its website, announcements, and publications, do so voluntarily.

ii. Potential users of services offered by members, as with any proclaimed professional, are advised to do their own research and due diligence in selecting one.

iii. By proceeding to verify the information provided about members by the association, the user accepts that he or she can further check the information about any member with nonassociation sources. In particular, the user should communicate directly with the member(s) and should check with member(s)’ appropriate professional licensing/ registration/ certification bodies and other professional sources.

iv. They should understand and accept that members are wholly responsible for their statements about their professional education/ training/ experience, and their professional licensing/ registration/ certification/ competence, and their professional activities/ services/ actions/ advertisements/ opinions/ viewpoints, and so on.

c. Liability

i. In no event shall the association be liable for damage to any users of our membership roster.

ii. Users understand that they have consulted it voluntarily.

iii. Nor is the association legally responsible for any other damage that may occur to any user of the information disseminated in any of the association’s information sources, such as its website, announcements, and publications.

d. Summary

i. In conclusion, the association cannot and does not provide any guarantee, warranty, or other legally binding endorsement, testimonial, or recommendation related to the education, training, experience, licensing/ registration/ certification, professional standing, competence, services, activities, and actions about any member nor of any information about any member contained in its information sources (membership roster, website, announcements, publications, etc.).

ii. The association is in no way legally responsible or liable for any use that a user makes of the information provided by the association or of the professional services and related activities of its members.

e. Registration

® About the registration of the acronym ASAPIL: The Declaration of Use must be filed between the fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) anniversaries of the registration date. In this case, the Declaration of Use must be filed between May 6, 2013 and May 6, 2014. [Search this in the manual and undertake the instructions.]


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